OSCM has two universal laboratories (lab A and lab B) and a wet laboratory.

The two universal laboratories have a floor space of 51 m2  each, the wet laboratory has 36 m2. All three of the labs are equipped with appropriate countertops and cabinets, a fridge/freezer combination, cabinets for acids and corrosive reagents, gas cabinets, fume hoods, air-conditioning system, internet and safety equipment. Liquid nitrogen for scientific analysis or sample preservation is also available at OSCM. Upon request, all labs can be made available for even larger field campaigns.

Lab A

Lab A is equipped with scientific equipment to support the Cape Verde Ocean Observatory and any other scientific activities:

  • Water purification system (SARTORIUS Comfort 1)
  • Drying oven
  • Winkler titration system
  • Spectrophotometer UV-3100PC
  • Analytical balance, max. 210 g
  • Precision balance, max. 4000 g
  • Magnetic stirrers with heating plates
  • Centrifuge 5702R
  • Micro-Salinometer RBR MS-315C
  • Vibrogen cell mills
  • Nutrients auto analyzer SEAL QuAAtro

Wet Lab

Wet Lab is mainly for handling of wet samples, equipped with filtration system and a zooplankton scanner (ZooScan EPSON Perfection V750 PRO). This lab has direct access to the outdoor area towards the sea.